Yong KimSenior Analyst

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Yong Kim is a Senior Analyst with the firm. Prior to joining the firm, Yong worked at several prominent patent research and consulting firms in the U.S. His years of expertise in the intellectual property field enables the firm to make focused and informed decisions in the highly technical arena of intellectual property.

Yong began his 25- year career as a patent engineer and has worked at notable intellectual property law firms in Korea. His background in sciences and wide interest in mechanical and electrical engineering enabled him to engage in a wide-range of technical disciplines in the areas of semiconductors, LEDs (BLU, CVD, thermal management and packaging technologies), LCDs, telecommunications, computer networking layers, volatile and non-volatile memories, digital multimedia, internet-based platforms, electromechanics, biomedical devices, chemistry, industrial chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, in addition to various cross-disciplines.

The culmination of Yong’s vast patent experience included editing thousands of patent applications for multinational Korean and Japanese corporations for filings in Japan, Korea, EP, UK, Netherlands, China, India, Germany and the United States. Yong has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Chemistry from Emory University and has native fluency in both English and Korean.