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If you or a loved one has been harmed due to the negligence of a big company, you may be familiar with feelings of hopelessness that come with that. It often feels like corporations have the means and methods to get away with their actions. However, the class action suit lawyers at Herman Jones LLP know that no company is too big to be held accountable. 

Whether a company withheld critical information, dumped poisonous toxins into the environment, or knowingly put dangerous drugs into the market, a class action lawsuit may be the best course of legal action to fight back. 

Check out our team’s successful class action lawsuits, such as the Orbital ATK securities litigation that recently settled for $107 million after the close of discovery.

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Our Class Action Suit Lawyers Defend Clients Nationwide

It takes more than just your run-of-the-mill lawyer to represent a class action lawsuit. Class action litigation victories require powerful legal representation that’s not afraid to pursue justice aggressively. That’s what you’ll find with the attorneys at Herman Jones LLP. 

Our staff of highly trained attorneys bring decades of litigation experience to the table and are no strangers to protecting the rights of consumers across the country. Herman Jones LLP attorneys have helped our clients recoup in excess of $500,000,000

What is a class action lawsuit?

Rather than filing as a single plaintiff, class action lawsuits allow a group of people harmed by the same product, action, or service to join together to pursue a collective lawsuit (usually against a company or corporation). 

Going up against a big corporation as an individual can be intimidating and incredibly challenging. However, if you file a class action lawsuit with an experienced law firm on your side, you’ll be better equipped to pursue your claim.

In a class action lawsuit, there is typically a lead plaintiff that files on behalf of the rest of the plaintiffs in the group. 

Class action lawsuits do not limit how many people can join, provided they share the same grievance, injury, or loss. 

What qualifies for a class action lawsuit? 

Class action lawsuits can span a wide variety of injuries and grievances. These are some common types of class action lawsuits:

  • Civil rights violations 
  • Securities fraud
  • Defective products
  • Abuses against employees
  • Environmental issues
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Consumer fraud 
  • Privacy/consumer rights violations

Corporations and companies that deceive, harm, or defraud their customers, whether through action or negligence, need to be brought to justice. 

The best way to know if you qualify for a class action lawsuit is to consult with a leading class action suit lawyer. Herman Jones LLP can review the facts of your case and help determine the best course of action. 

How many people do you need for a class action lawsuit? 

While there is no specific number of plaintiffs legally required to file a class action lawsuit, judges are unlikely to certify the case unless enough plaintiffs make it necessary to consolidate their lawsuits. Class action lawsuits can range from a few dozen people to millions. 

As the plaintiff, you shouldn’t worry about finding other plaintiffs to join your suit. When you work with an experienced class action suit lawyer, they’ll use their experience and proven strategies to reach out to other potentially affected people. 

How can a class action lawsuit help me? 

There are many benefits to joining a class action lawsuit instead of filing a lawsuit as an individual plaintiff. For those who have limited time, energy, and financial resources, class action lawsuits are a powerful tool. 

These are some of the advantages of joining a class action lawsuit:

  • Cost-efficient. Rather than a single plaintiff shelling out thousands of dollars in legal fees, plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit can still demand justice without taking on a heavy financial burden. 
  • Streamlined. There’s one lawsuit, one court, and one single court decision. 
  • No lawyer fees. In successful cases, class action suit lawyers take their fees from the recoveries. In some cases, the court might even require the defendant to pay the lawyers’ fees for the plaintiffs. 
  • Low time investment. Unless you’re the lead plaintiff, you have the opportunity to play a fairly passive role. 

Additionally, class action lawsuits tend to garner more visibility and media attention, allowing others who experienced the same grievance to join. The more visible the class action lawsuit becomes, the harder it is to sweep under the rug. 

Herman Jones LLP’s Promise to You

The Herman Jones promise includes…

  1. A free consultation to review the facts of your case 
  2. Thorough legal analysis and in-depth research to determine the best course of action 
  3. The backing of a prominent class action lawsuit firm that’s litigated cases across the nation
  4. Commitment to getting you the best results possible for your class action lawsuit

We aggressively fight for justice on behalf of all of our clients. At Herman Jones LLP, we know that no company is too big to take on, and we’re not afraid to pursue accountability for negligence and harmful actions.

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