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Have your intellectual property rights been infringed? Do you have valuable assets that are being stolen and used without your permission, greatly affecting your livelihood?

Herman Jones LLP is a leader in intellectual property law across the U.S. with vast experience in large, high-stakes intellectual property cases. We can help you win justice for intellectual property infringement, no matter how big your business is, what industry you’re in, or what assets are involved. John Herman and Peter Jones are among the most respected intellectual property attorneys, and are highly trusted for their judgment and counsel.  

Check out our team’s successful cases in patent and intellectual property litigation, such as Phillips v. AWH Corporation and Biosig Instruments, Inc. v. Nautilus, Inc. We’d love to help you get the best result possible for your case.

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What is intellectual property?

When a person creates something original, it is considered intellectual property, also known as IP. Intellectual property rights are covered in Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution and are defined as the ‘exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries’. When an individual or a business wants to protect something they’ve created, they should seek out protection rights, such as copyright, patent, or trademark, in addition to their constitutional rights.

Examples of intellectual property rights infringement include work being copied, imitated, pirated, or similarly used without permission. Victims of this infringement can pursue an intellectual property lawsuit when it results in serious financial damages and other related business damages. 

If found guilty, the at-fault party can be fined, imprisoned, lose their business license, and your stolen intellectual property can be seized.

Licensing agreements look different depending on what type of intellectual property is at hand. The following are the most common types of intellectual property licenses:

  • Exclusive License: The licensor may not use the intellectual property and agrees not to grant any other licenses 
  • Sole License: Licensor agrees not to grant any other licenses, but may retain the right to use the intellectual property
  • Non-exclusive License: Licensor agrees to give certain rights to the licensee, but may grant licenses to other third parties or use it themself. 

The intellectual property licensing attorneys at Herman Jones LLP have successfully defended the rights of inventors and are not afraid to seek legal action if a license has been violated. We have successfully litigated high-profile cases involving corporate licensing, patent and technology licensing, and software licensing. 

How will Herman Jones LLC help me?

With decades of experience protecting our clients’ interests and enforcing their intellectual property rights, Herman Jones LLP is trusted to handle complex, large-stakes IP matters. Herman Jones LLP is a recognized leader in intellectual property litigation with numerous honors and rankings. 

A licensing attorney can help you maximize the revenue of your work, retain control over your intellectual property, and pursue legal action over copyright infringement. Licensing agreements are incredibly complex; without an experienced licensing attorney on your side, it’s easy for creators to open themselves up to future violations of intellectual property infringement. 

We’ve helped our clients recover over 500 million dollars in the last decade alone. We can help you win justice against the person or business who has stolen your valuable assets, protect your rights, recover your damages, and win compensation for your losses. With a long history of success in intellectual property litigation, we are the winning choice for your litigation team.

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Our Guarantee To You

  1. We will analyze your case from every angle and find the right solution for you.
  2. We bring big-firm experience and value into all of our intellectual property cases.
  3. We will help you get the best results possible for your unique case.
  4. We will aggressively fight for justice on your behalf.


  • SIPCO, LLC and IPCO, LLC – lead counsel for more than a decade for SIPCO, IPCO and the famous inventors David Petite and Edwin Brownrigg, who pioneered wireless mesh technology.  I handled the licensing and litigation of a patent portfolio of nearly 100 patents, negotiating almost 100 licenses and collecting revenues in excess of $100 million.
  • 3COM ETHERNET – lead counsel in representing the owner of 3Com’s famous Parallel Tasking Technology patent portfolio, which garnered in excess of $100 million in licensing fees, winning 2 separate jury trials.   
  • FLASHPOINT – counsel to FlashPoint, a spin-off of Apple’s digital camera business, against multiple handset manufacturers.  This portfolio recovered hundreds of millions in licensing fees.  
  • BIOSEG INSTRUMENTS v. NAUTILIS — In the landmark case in which the U.S. Supreme Court changed the standard for patent invalidity, represented plaintiff Biosig and settled case in 2018.  
  • PHILLIPS v. AWH Corp. – served as lead counsel to inventor Ed Phillips in the precedent setting case that established the canons of claim construction by the U.S. Supreme Court and settled the case for $2.55 million.  
  • ADELOS v. HALLIBURTON, Case No. 9:16-cv-00119-DLC (D. Mont.).  Lead counsel for Adelos, owned by the Consolidated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, in a patent infringement and conversion case in the U.S.D.C. for Montana, which settled on undisclosed terms in 2018. 

Types of Cases We Handle

Herman Jones LLP has helped win a wide range of intellectual property cases and isn’t afraid to take on the strongest competitors. Whether your trademark is being infringed upon, your copyright has been violated, or something similar, we want to help you protect your businesses’ assets and the future of your company. We will help you claim all of the damages you are entitled to and get compensated for your losses in full.

There are five major types of intellectual property cases, including but not limited to:

  • Patents – Given by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for inventions and discoveries.
  • Copyrights – Protecting authorship rights, such as music, movies, and more.
  • Trademarks – Words or symbols that distinguish a brand, product, or service.
  • Trade secrets – Private information that gives a business its competitive edge over another and in the marketplace, such as a secret recipe.
  • Licensing – Agreements that allow another party to use all or part of your intellectual property rights for a specified period of time.

How do I know if I have an intellectual property lawsuit?

With the popularity of the internet and advanced technology, fair use laws and other related technology and cyber laws have come to fruition. Intellectual property law is complicated. The best way to know whether or not you have an intellectual property lawsuit is by meeting with an intellectual property attorney at Herman Jones LLP. 

We will deep dive into your case and discover relevant facts and information, looking at every detail from all aspects, helping you claim the compensation that you are entitled to. 

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