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Now more than ever, companies are under immense pressure to maintain stringent and transparent corporate governance standards. Given an increase in public scrutiny of investors, board structure, and management, it is imperative that organizations rely on sound legal advice to effectively implement their corporate governance programs. For that, they require a corporate governance attorney.

Herman Jones LLP provides decades of legal experience and trustworthy advice in high-stakes and high-profile situations. We provide risk mitigation, legal compliance, and crisis resolution strategies at the board and senior executive level.

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What are the key elements of strong corporate governance?

Public companies rely on their board of directors and executive teams to contribute to the longevity and long-term success of the company. Boards require strong corporate governance programs to ensure their decision-making processes are regulated by good practices and procedures.

At the heart of responsible corporate governance lies the ability to effectively and prudently facilitate good management and oversight, which is done through emphasizing…

  • A strong company culture
  • Effective leadership
  • A controlled environment
  • Well-defined shareholder rights
  • Transparent disclosure
  • Accountability
  • Board commitment to company values and mission
  • Strong relationships with shareholders

When implemented correctly, corporate governance programs establish the roles and responsibilities of the board, promote the company’s values, and keep the organization headed in the right direction.

However, boards may fail to comply with corporate governance policies. These violations have heavy repercussions for shareholders and the company as a whole. In these cases, it’s necessary to consult with a corporate governance attorney who can provide a clear path forward.

What can a corporate governance attorney do for me?

There are times when a business’s board of directors, individual board members, or executive leaders require legal counsel on corporate governance issues. These can include relatively simple matters, such as consultation on the structure and composition of the board.

Corporate governance attorneys can also provide counsel to business leaders in areas such as…

  • Board committee structure, composition, and charters
  • Policies regarding senior executive and director compensation packages
  • Risk management strategies
  • Shareholder communications
  • Development of best practice governance and board structures
  • Corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Environmental, social, and governance policies

At other times, businesses turn to corporate governance attorneys for crisis management and litigation support. These matters are extremely complex and high-stakes, like investigations regarding legal violations of federal, state, or foreign law, or violations of corporate bylaws.

Other issues include…

  • Conducting internal investigations and responding to federal inquiries
  • Advising on financial matters and accounting problems
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Special board committee investigations
  • Inquiries into foreign corrupt practices
  • Shareholder derivative recovery

The corporate governance attorneys at Herman Jones LLP are well-versed in many aspects of corporate governance. They provide practical and creative solutions to reach the desired outcome and offer strategic proposals that will guide companies through complex issues.


Herman Jones LLP’s award-winning and nationally recognized corporate governance attorneys have produced high-profile, landmark corporate governance reforms.

Take a look at some of the cases we’ve successfully represented.

  • In re HOME DEPOT Shareholder Derivative Litigation – in cases pending in Fulton County Superior Court, Herman Jones LLP served as lead counsel for plaintiffs in shareholder derivative suits arising out of stock options backdating and Robert Nardelli’s termination. The case eventually settled for landmark corporate governance reforms, as well as attorneys’ fees of $14.5 million.
  • City of Pontiac Employees’ Retirement System v. Langone (Home Depot) – With the counsel of Herman Jones LLP, shareholder activism led to significant new reforms at Home Depot. CEO Robert Nardelli’s obscene compensation package and the revelation that Nardelli and others had received “backdated” stock options resulted in an unprecedented wave of shareholder backlash. Six separate shareholder derivative suits were filed in Atlanta, Georgia.

The lawsuits address CEO compensation, backdating practices, and an accounting manipulation scheme involving return-to-vendor credits. After over a year of hard-fought litigation, Herman was able to negotiate a favorable resolution of the litigation, which resulted in significant corporate governance reforms at Home Depot.

  • In re Community Health Sys., Inc. S’holder Derivative Litig., No. 3:11-cv-00489 (M.D. Tenn.) –  Herman Jones LLP obtained unprecedented corporate governance reforms on behalf of Community Health Systems, Inc. in a case against the company’s directors for breaching their fiduciary duties. This caused Community Health to develop and implement admissions criteria that systematically steered patients into unnecessary inpatient admissions, in violation of Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

In addition to implementing landmark corporate governance reforms, $60 million in financial relief was obtained, the largest shareholder derivative recovery ever in Tennessee, and the Sixth Circuit.

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